Classic Car Storage

What is car storage all about?

For years people have invested in classic and sports cars. We spend hours lovingly looking after them and enjoy the time spent driving them, but what should you do when the car isn’t being used? 

Whether it be a car you have driven for years or an investment piece, they all matter. Not everyone has space to store cars the way they should be and with so much professional space available, does it really make sense to keep them at home?

Putting your car into storage could well be the answer. Your pride and joy will be secure, maintained and cared for just like a member of the family. Storage in the modern world is not just about locking it away, but about protecting it from the elements, maintaining the engine, battery and brakes. We keep it ready to drive for those rare winter weekends when you need it without any worry.

There are a few key considerations to have when storing your car:

Make sure your car is clean and importantly dry before you store. Ensure it is in an environment that allows it to stay clean. These small actions will help prevent rust and mould.

Battery conditioning is vital to ensure your battery doesn’t degrade over the storage period and will ensure the car is ready to go when you are.

Tyre cushions are a great way to prevent damage to the tyres especially flat spotting. Using suitable cushions to match your car helps spread the weight of your vehicle over a larger area and ensure your tyres are maintained in the best possible way. If Cushions are not available, then you can inflate your tyres to reduce the risk of flat spotting.

Our elite packages include storage on our exclusive tyre cushions.  These are also available to purchase for yourselves, so take a look at

Periodical driving of your car is very important as keeping the engine, brakes and tyres turning will avoid unwelcome damage.

Make sure you declare your car SORN. If you are storing for a prolonged length of time, it is off the road, so saving money on road tax makes a lot of sense. You may also save on insurance costs too so give your provider a call.

Professional car storage facilities come into their own when you struggle for time or access.  Give someone else the worry, free up that garage space and keep your car healthy.

Above all else, find someone who not only removes the hassle and worry of maintaining your car but who also wants to care for it. Argent Timeless offer a unique experience at our storage centre in Essex that goes well beyond a traditional storage operation. It starts and ends with your car.